A dream about musicals was written by James Duggan for Jill Hyde and the members of the Liverpool Phoenix Concert Orchestra and Judy, Julie, Dolories, Diane, Kevin, Richard and John in 2010… well, I was there too……

A dream about musicals: by James Duggan


Last night I had a dream about musicals

I dropped three coins in a fountain

Julie Andrews appeared; on top of a mountain

Swaying and swirling and singing with glee

She said, “Come, sing with me”

“But, what’ll I sing?”; “Oh anything,

Just remember to start at the very beginning.”

As I began singing, a church bell was ringing,

She said, “Oh dear, I must go,

But come with me, for some tea,

To the cute little convent below.”



When we arrived, Henry Higgins

Was there with Eliza,

Eating jelly and custard and

Surrounded by a lot of young men

She spoke of the weather, and

The rain on the plain in Spain again and again and again.

Freddie arrived and sang about

The street where she lived.

Higgins was livid and stormed out of the place

Not before turning, picking up the bowl and

Throwing some custard in her face.



Andrew Lloyd Webber appeared

Rehearsing his version of Guys & Dolls

All gangsters in sharp suits and spats

But when I looked closely

I saw the cast was mostly

A few dogs and a whole load of cats.

Porgy was there with his Bess, if you ask me why, no reason,

It’s a dream, I guess

Lloyd Webber said wow

And the cats went miaow:

The whole thing was a bit of a mess.



I moved out west

To a bright golden haze on the meadow

And a strapping young man said, “Welcome to Oklahoma.”

His name was Curry and he showed me his surrey

The whole thing happened in such a hurry

There was a horse and a cow and a calf,

We had a bit of a laugh and I said,

“This place should be called Jokelahoma!



I floated to somewhere unspecific

To a sunset on some enchanted evening

Ah yes, South Pacific.

There a panto dame and a girl were sharing a wig

I started to stare

The girl said, “Shoo!”,

Grabbed some shampoo and

Washed that dame right out of her hair.

Julie A appeared again in a car

No, a taxi,

Being chased by a horrible nazi,

She said, “Sing!”, but when I opened my mouth

Nothing came out

I had woken up and then I knew

For a dream about musicals

To come true

Needs an orchestra like the one

Playing here

On the stage

For one night only

Especially for you.


Thanks James.

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