When a teenager in Spain offers to host a teenager from London in their home first there’s just a name, one that is not often in the texts she reads in Madrid,  then there’s a face, then there’s a personality, a sense of humour, then there’s a concert where they play together, take lots of photos, post them on Facebook, and before they know it, the visit is over and the Londoner is back on Easyjet.

When a teenager from Spain signs up to go to Beijing to stay for a week in the home of a family who are citizens of the People’s Republic of China, that’s a step into the unknown. Then they meet, they talk, eat and visit historical sights together, drink a jazmin tea in Starbucks. She’s amazed at her new friend’s brilliant English and learns to count to ten in Mandarin and say the names of the host’s Chinese family.

When a teenager from Spain gets on a plane to California, sees a school, houses and gardens just like in the movies and gets to be called my Spanish son by the host mom….

If you want to change the world, help persons drop their prejudices, let people get to know each other.

That’s what this blog is about: welcome to Intercultural Dialogue and Education.

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